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Research Purpose

In order to promote and encourage research, climatological data and/or products supplied to an end-user for non-commercial scientific or educational projects are charged for on the basis of marginal costs (only 10-50% of original cost) or free of charges in some cases for LIMITED VOLUME of data.

Research is considered as non-commercial if the results are openly available, without any commercial purposes, and the research is subsequently submitted for open publication. An enquirer wishing to avail of this provision is required to specify in writing that:

  • The request may be duly endorsed by the respective chairman/supervisor of the Research Institution, on original Letter Head of the Institution.
  • A copy of project / research synopsis may be provided to this office.
  • Requests for data from researchers or for educational purposes must accept that the data cannot be passed to a Third Party nor used to generate a Meteorological Value Added Service.
  • They should submit at least one each (printed as well as soft) final copy of their research to this office.