Pakistan Meteorological Departmet and United Kingdom Met Office have been successfully working in partnership since 2018 working through the 4 year ARRCC (Asia Regional Resilience to a Changing Climate) programme.

Program Objectives

  • Enhancing regional collaboration and capability for provision of weather and climate services.
  • Supporting development of regional & sub-regional forecasting and early warning systems.
  • Improving capacity in focus countries to develop & disseminate impact based forecast (across multiple timescales) to climate sensitive sectors & vulnerable communities.


  • Launch of ARRCC
  • Initial engagement and introduction to PMD, scoping and planning for future engagement in country


  • In country workshop (July 2019) to engage PMD, disaster management agencies, and other selected regional bodies
  • WMO Severe Weather Forecasting Programme (SWFP) Training Workshop (November 2020)
  • Consultation workshop on Impact Based Forecasting (November 2020)


  • Focus for IBF product agreed
  • Commissioning of ICIMOD to conduct baseline survey to support IBF pilot


  • IBF Baseline survey complete
  • Focused on the provision of agromet advisories/forecasts
  • 300 households surveyed in Attock and Chakwal, assessing access and use of Weather and Climate information
  • Stakeholder workshop to train stakeholders in IBF concept and co-develop IBF pilot
  • IBF Pilot Service Launched (March 2022)

Stakeholder workshop November 2019


NWP Training March 2020


IBF Pilot Launch Event (March 2022)

IBF Pilot for Pakistan

  • Hazard: Rainfall, wind (and temperatures)
  • Impacts: Failure of rain fed crops (focus on Groundnut)
  • Area: Pothohar Plateau (Attock and Chakwal Districts) 
  • Recipients: Extension workers, progressive farmers and research institutes
  • Duration: Kharif growing season (approx. April to August 2022)