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The Regional Agrometeorological Center Faisalabad become operational in March 1988 and start recording meteorological data on 19th March 1988 but soil temperature data recording was started on 1st August 1988.

At RAMC Faisalabad meteorological data is recorded from the meteorological observatory and also provided to the Ayub Agriculture Research on daily basis. Weekly, decadal and monthly data is compiled and send to NAMC Islamabad. Monthly data is also sent to RMC, Lahore.

The phenological observation of the field crop is taken from the fields of Ayub Agriculture research Institute and recorded on prescribed forms. Soil moisture from the field of crop is also calculated. At the end of each crop season, a detailed crop report is prepared. This report includes the agrometeorological analysis of different phonological stages of the crop and hence the yield.

 At RAMC Faisalabad phenological observations of the following two crops are taken from the fields of Ayub Agriculture Research Institute, Faisalabad.

  • Wheat (Rabi crop)

  • Cotton (Kharif crop)

Staff (5)

S. No Name Designation
1. Ali Imran Meteorologist
2. Ahsan-UI-Haq Meteorological Assistant
3. Mohammad Asif Meteorological Assistant
4. Rehman Hamid Senior Observer
5. Zahid Maqsood Senior Observer

Contact Information

Incharge Officer Name Ali Imran
Designation Meteorologist
Office # 041-9201803
Mobile # 0333-6718716
Email aimranshah.pmd@gmail.com