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Regional Agromet Center Usta Muhmmad was established in the premises of Agriculture Research Institute (ARI) Usta Muhammad in 2003 and started agro- meteorological observations in the same year.

Agromet data at the observatory of RAMC Usta Muhammad is recorded on daily, weekly, decadal and monthly basis and send to NAMC Islamabad. The same data is also provided to ARI Usta Muhammad.


Crops Cultivate at RAMC Usta Muhammad

Different wheat and rice varieties are cultivated at the fields of ARI Usta Muhammad. Phenological observations of these wheat varieties cultivated are also recorded by RAMC Usta Muhammad.

Staff (3)

S. No Name Designation
1. Abdul Latif Tunio Meteorological Assistant
2. Taufique Ahmed Senior Observer
3. Gul Faraz Senior Observer

Contact Information

Incharge Officer Name Abdul Latif Tunio
Designation Meteorological Assistant
Mobile # 03363482373, 03443880868