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National Agromet Centre has established five Regional Agromet Centers (RAMCs) in the major agriculture plains of the country, where the major crops are monitored thoroughly on agrometeorological grounds and at the end of each season a comprehensive document (crop report) is produced on regular basis. These RAMCs are located at Rawalpindi (Potohar), Faisalabad (Central Punjab), Usta Muhammad (Eastern Baluchistan), Quetta (Northern Baluchistan) and Tandojam (Lower Sindh). Not only soil but weather as well climate of a particular location drive the farmer's choice in adopting any kind of crop or cultivar in its fields. In order to help/facilitate the researchers and growers some major crops are analyzed more deeply on rather technical grounds based on agrometeorological data produced by these RAMCs and the outcomes are presented in a comprehensive style.

Latest Technical Reports

Station Type Title PDF File
Tandojam Cotton Tandojam 2007-2011 View Crop Report
Faisalabad Cotton Faislabad 2007-2011 View Crop Report
Tandojam Wheat Tandojam 2005-2010 View Crop Report