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Weekly Bulletins

This document covers the post analysis outcome (including the data tables, figures/maps and a comprehensive discussion portion) based on all the important Agromet data for the past week collected mainly from a network of 34 agromet stations throughout Pakistan (working under National Agromet Centre NAMC, Islamabad) besides meteorological network of PMD.

The agromet data being utilized is comprises of all the important meteorological and agriculture related elements like air temperatures, soil temperature, rainfall, air humidity, cloud cover, growing degree days, , general weather pattern, crop condition report including phenological report etc. Besides this a comprehensive farmers advisory is also included which covers the general forecast for the coming week along with crop specific as well as animal care suggestions.

Title PDF File Month Year Issued Date
2nd Week View June 2018 11 Jun, 2018
1st Week View June 2018 4 Jun, 2018
4th Week View May 2018 28 May, 2018
3rd Week View May 2018 22 May, 2018
2nd Week View May 2018 14 May, 2018
1st Week View May 2018 7 May, 2018
Last Week View April 2018 30 Apr, 2018
4th Week View April 2018 23 Apr, 2018
3rd Week View April 2018 17 Apr, 2018
2nd Week View April 2018 9 Apr, 2018
1st Week View April 2018 2 Apr, 2018
4th Week View March 2018 26 Mar, 2018